Chevrolet Warning Lights & Meanings


Every Chevrolet model is equipped with dashboard icons to provide immediate information about your vehicle. These dashboard symbol lights can assist you in warning you if something is wrong.

When one of these warning lights comes on, don’t panic. Instead, schedule service with your friends at Ocean Crest Chevrolet Buick GMC. Our technicians will quickly diagnose the issue and work to remedy the situation.

The dashboard warning lights are color coded to warn you of their importance. A red icon means you should immediately seek service for your vehicle. A yellow icon means that a system has detected an error or an impending need. A blue icone means that a system has turned on.

Below are the most common dashboard symbols for your Chevrolet.

oil pressure warning indicator
This oil pressure warning indicator will come on when you vehicle detects that the oil pressure is too low. There are serveral possible causes to this including leaking oil and oil being burned in the engine. When this light comes on, we recommend seeking immediate service.




charging system light
This icon represents your battery and your charging system in your vehicle. When this icon comes on, it means that the battery is no longer being charged by your vehicle. This could be something as simple as the cables to the battery coming loose or something more involved like the alternator failing. We recommend scheduling service if you see this icon.




Engine Temperature Warning
This icon represents a thermometer and is telling you that your engine is running too hot. There are many causes to this and we recommend coming into our service center if this icon displays.




Check Engine Light
This icon displays your engine block and is a catch-all for any system error coming up through your vehicle. If you see this icon come on or if it is flashing, scenter your engine and schedule service right away.




Low Fuel Indicator
The gas pump icon will display when it detects you are getting low on fuel. Once you have refilled, it should turn off. However, if it stays on after you have filled up, schedule service.




Stability Control Warning
This icon represents when your vehicle has engaged its stability control. This will usually happen when you are driving in inclement weather and your tires have lost traction. Your vehicle will engage the stability control to assist with regaining proper traction.




Brake System Warning Light
This warning indicator means one of two things, either your brake fluid is low or your parking brake is engaged. If you disengage your parking brake and the light stays on, it is best to bring your vehicle in for service.




Schedule Service Soon
This icon is a reminder to service your vehicle soon. It is a service reminder that is triggered by the computer. When your vehicle is service by our technicians, they will reset the counter.




Light Out Indicator
When this icon is displayed it means that a headlight or taillight bulb is out. Bulb replacements are easy and can be done at home or by our service department.




High Beam Indicator
This icon simply means that you have turned on your high beam indicators.